What is the setting of the Children of Willesden Lane?

In “The Children of Willesden Lane” the setting and the term is decided in the time have been quite a few matters happened. Two leading settings are the Holocaust and World Conflict II.

The Children of Willesden Lane has a plethora of themes. The themes which will be mentioned in these days are: “Maintaining desire regardless of trying occasions is possible” and “Success is possible in case you believe and persevere”.

Also Know, when became the Toddlers of Willesden Lane published? 2002

Also asked, what’s the genre of the Toddlers of Willesden Lane?


Who wrote The Toddlers of Willesden Lane?

Mona Golabek Lee Cohen

How many pages are in the Infants of Willesden Lane?

Product Info ISBN-13: 9780446690270 Publisher: Grand Central Publishing E-book date: 11/28/2003 Edition description: Reprint Pages: 288

Who created the Kindertransport?

Florence Nankivell