My Pillow Classic Vs Premium Whats The Difference

If you’ve ever long gone buying a brand new pillow, you recognize what a soreness in the neck it can be. Some are too soft, others are too uncomfortable, and remainder are just plain bad. Luckily, the corporate My Pillow got here out with a splendid line of pillows that are comfy, durable, and the perfect size. Now the sole query is — should you cross with the Classic or the Premium?

If you can’t make up your intellect approximately which one to buy, you’ll desire to read these reviews. So, sit down back, relax, and get ready to find the best pillow of your life.

About My Pillow

My Pillow is a US-based company that became headquartered in 2004 through Mike Lindell. His innovative open-cell, poly-foam pillow design made the company a big success, and it has sold over forty-one million pillows so far.

But what helped My Pillow really take off became an infomercial Lindell created again in 2011. Nowadays, the company makes round 25,000 pillows consistent with day, and it additionally manufactures mattresses, animal beds, and sheets.

My Pillow Traditional Series Review

The Traditional Series makes use of the My Pillow’s patented interlocking fiber technology, which guarantees that the pillow not ever goes flat. It’s imagined to give you as a lot lumbar and neck help as you need.

You can buy the Traditional in two unique sizes: Standard/Queen and King. The Preferred is 28 inches lengthy and 18.5 inches wide. The King is longer than the Queen and comes in at 38 inches, excellent for all bigger beds. The two the King and the Queen are medium fills and in basic terms come in white.

If you get the Traditional Series, My Pillow provide you with a 10-year warranty at the product and a 60-day money-back guarantee. You’ll have loads of time to check it out and see if it really works for you or in order to send it back.

Another cool component concerning the Traditional is that it is machine-washable and dryer-safe. In fact, My Pillow suggests washing it each four months or so that you can maintain the final point of comfort.

The Upsides

My Pillow items are made within the US and are available eco-friendly rolled packaging. Once you get your pillow, be sure to placed it within the dryer at the lowest placing for approximately quarter-hour to get it to fluff up. Once it’s fluffy, it’s pretty much prepared to go — you could begin utilizing it correct away.

Due to the innovative interlocking design, the Traditional pillow doesn’t lose its shape. Despite how lengthy you’ve been using it for or how often you wash it, it truly is one pillow that won’t cross flat on you.

At first, you might consider that it’s somewhat lumpy or tough, but that’s all surprisingly normal. It just takes a few days for the pillow to regulate to your head shape. It ought to soft out quickly enough.

The Downsides

When you first get the pillow, it would have a strong, chemical smell. To remove it, you’ll have to wash it a few instances or allow it air out outside.

For whatsoever reason, My Pillow doesn’t sell the Traditional Series on its website anymore, so that you won’t be capable to get it straight from them. Luckily, Amazon is here to save lots of the day, as the line continues to be accessible there.

Finally, I wouldn’t propose getting the Traditional Sequence in case you like slumbering on your stomach. It’ll probably be too company for you, and you might get a stiff neck.

My Pillow Traditional Series [Std/Queen, Company Fill]

  • Made with patented interlocking fill, Supplies the…
  • Standard/Queen – 18.5 ” x 28″
  • Machine washable and dryable — 10-year warranty
  • Made one hundred pc in the USA – Synthetic in our home state…

My Pillow Top rate Series Review

The Premium features a similar interlocking fiber technology, but the fill is different. The Classic has a polyester fiber filling, when the Top rate is filled with foam.

Just like its predecessor, the newer version comes in two sizes: Queen and King. However, both are smaller than the Traditional and feature a 2-inch gusset.

The Top class Queen is 26 inches long and 16.5 inches wide, when the King is 32 inches by using 16.5 inches.

Another thing that the Top rate and Classic pillows share is that they’re the two machine-washable and dryable. Every few months, you can simply pop them in the washing machine to keep them nice and fluffy.

You will also get a 60-day money-back guarantee, including a 10-year warranty. Don’t worry, though; you’ll get the two notwithstanding if you order from Amazon or the My Pillow website.

The Upsides

Unlike the Classic, the Top class Sequence has four exceptional firmness or loft levels. You may get it in:

  • Least company (Yellow level)
  • Medium company (Green level)
  • Firm (White level)
  • Extra enterprise (Blue level)

If you’re now not certain which one you should get, pass to the Premium section on My Pillow’s website. There, correct less than the description, you’ll see the Find Your Fill Level button. When you click on on it, it’ll open a quick questionnaire.

Once you’ve responded the four questions, the web site will let you know which fill point might paintings best for you. Of course, that’s just a suggestion; at the conclusion of the day, you ought to buy what you’re such a lot completely satisfied with.

But if you usually savour drowsing on down or feather pillows, I like to recommend reducing the extent of support the web site recommends. You may uncover the pillow too firm and for this reason under no circumstances get a well night’s sleep. So, in the event that they tell you to buy the blue, you’re at an advantage getting the green.

Another manner you may decide which loft point works for you is by going off your shirt size. For example, if you’re a small or medium, I recommend going with the yellow or white levels. There’s a fitting aid on Amazon’s page wherein you can uncover your excellent match.

The Downsides

The biggest predicament with ordering My Pillow Top rate is that there are some inconsistencies with the product. While some people swear through the froth stuffing, I know that others have had a difficulty with it separating when they sleep.

What’s more, oftentimes, persons whinge that their pillows are both over-stuffed or not stuffed enough.

If it’s too crammed to your liking, I mean taking some of the foam out and stitching the pillow returned up. However, if it’s now not enterprise sufficient or doesn’t have sufficient filling, you’ll have to come it and ask for money back or a brand new pillow.

Also, clone of with the Classic, you may discover that the Premium has a strong chemical odor right out of the bag. Again, just run it through the washer about a instances or let it air out outside.

My Pillow Traditional vs. Premium: Comparison

Let’s smash every thing down and see what the biggest differences among the Traditional and Top class are.

For starters, the fill is absolutely unique — the Classic has a polyester fiber filling, while the Top class has foam. Also, the Premium has a greater variety of firmness levels, so it might be less complicated to locate what you like.

When it involves the price, the Classic is cheaper, but no longer by a lot, so it shouldn’t impact your ultimate decision too much. Luckily, if your heart is determined on the Premium, there’s a way to lower the price. Often, you could uncover used pillows on Amazon that are in remarkable form and accessible at only a fraction of the cost.

Both are enormously durable, machine-washable, and include a good 10-year warranty. What’s more, if you’re now not comfortable together with your pillows, you could go back them before your 60 days are up.

Classic Sequence Pros:

  • Bigger than the Premium
  • Has two firmness levels
  • Doesn’t lose its shape
  • Cheaper than the Premium

Classic Series Cons:

  • Has a strong chemical odor out of the bag
  • Not for those that like sound asleep on their stomachs

Premium Series Pros:

  • Has four firmness levels
  • Made with cotton ticking and foam
  • You can get it at a lower price on Amazon

Premium Series Cons:

  • Some inconsistencies within the foam filling
  • Strong chemical smell







Things to Think about When Choosing a Pillow

Before you make your ultimate decision on Traditional vs. Premium (or any other pillow, for that matter!), you ought to consider some things:


The length of your pillow can have a huge affect in your entire sleep quality. Once you find the dimensions that’s right for you, it’ll give you sufficient support, no matter how a lot you toss and switch on your sleep.

Luckily, there’s an ideal way to determine what you wish because most pillows comply with mattress sizes. Most corporations make Standard, Queen, and King-sized pillows and mattresses. I like to recommend sticking with those and no longer going overboard. Otherwise, the pillow won’t appear correct on your bed, and you won’t be comfortable.


Another thing you must consider before buying your new pillow is how enterprise you desire it to be. Such a lot often, you’ll discover that businesses give you 4 options:

  • Soft
  • Medium soft/Medium firm
  • Firm
  • Very/extra firm

Each of those is suggested for particular drowsing positions. For example, if you sleep on your again or stomach, you should opt for the tender one, as it allows your head to sink in.

Back and side sleepers should consider getting the medium-firm pillows because they’ve slightly much less supply than the gentle ones. Most firm pillows are made out of foam or polyester, which makes them the perfect selection for any facet sleeper.

Extremely enterprise pillows have little to no deliver and carry their shape, despite what. They’re perfect for anybody who has had a neck harm or is a light sleeper.


The pillow filling will investigate how well it holds its form over time and how much support it offers. The hottest sorts of fillings include:

  • Cotton
  • Memory foam
  • Polyester
  • Down

Cotton pillows are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and breathable. Unfortunately, they lose their form fairly slightly over time, so you must update them every few years.

Memory foam is plenty sturdier than cotton, and it molds precisely in your head. On the other hand, polyester isn’t as enterprise as reminiscence foam, but it’s reasonably-priced and surprisingly widespread. Like cotton pillows, polyester ones will lose their shape and can come to be lumpy over time.

You could also buy down pillows, which are plush, luxurious, and expensive. They’re generally full of either goose or duck feathers and carry their form relatively well.


If you often can’t sleep at night since you run hot, you must consider buying a breathable pillow. You want a pillow that’s going to let the air move via it, instead of trapping it inside.

The denser a pillow is, the less breathable it is. So, memory foam won’t be a good selection for you if you get hot quickly — yet polyester might. If you want the full cooling effect, I mean pairing your polyester or shredded foam pillow with some microfiber sheets.

Nowadays, you can also purchase pillows with cooling gels that are supposed to preserve you refreshed all night time long. Still, so far as I have seen, those are usually a hoax, and any cooling sensation that you may journey at the beginning will use up over time.

Easy to Clean

Since pillows can carry so much micro organism and moisture, machine-washable pillows should be a suitable priority for anybody who struggles with bedroom odor.

Given which you ought to be washing your pillow each 3 months or so, it’s key which you check the care labels before you dedicate to purchasing anything.

If you’re looking for anything that’s low-maintenance, sidestep down pillows because these need to be dry-cleaned. A hypoallergenic pillow, however, ought to be able to withstand the hotter cycles. Remember to exchange your pillow every two to 3 years.


Lastly, think about the guarantees and warranties the corporate offers. Since high-quality pillows are surprisingly expensive, you should be capable of test them out earlier than making your final decision.

Final Thoughts

As a long-time person and fan of the full My Pillow brand, I first started off with the Classic. I used that pillow for years and had no aim of swapping it for a brand new one.

But after seeing Mike Lindell’s Top rate infomercial a couple of dozen times, I felt tempted to attempt it. Now, all I will say is that it obviously lives up to the hype. The foam filling is soft, but firm, and I’ve been drowsing greater than ever seeing that I purchased it.

Even although the prices of the Traditional and Top class might appear a little steep, just check out it as an investment. And trust me — when you get any of the My Pillow products, you’ll not ever seem back.

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