How To Stop Your Bed From Sliding 10 Stylish And Effective Fixes

If you have hardwood, laminate, or tile floors in your home, and a metallic or metal bed frame, you recognize these are a long way from an ideal match. And because you’ve landed on this page, you must be questioning how to discontinue your bed from sliding on your smooth, polished floor. It doesn’t subject no matter if your mattress is a king or a queen or perhaps a futon bed. Match it with a naked floor, and it is going to absolutely flow around.

It is a misconception that bigger, heavier beds don’t slide. True, the lighter the bed frame is, the more it will move. But heavy ones additionally slide round if they’re created from the substances outlined above. Apart from that the heavier the bed, the extra it could damage the floor.

Luckily, you won’t have to alter your bed frame to resolve this issue. In this guide, I’ll explain why maintaining your mattress placed is the right choice. Then, I’ll share some fantastic thoughts on how to stop your bed from sliding. And the best part is they’re simply as stylish as they’re practical!

Why Is Mattress Sliding Such an Annoying Problem?

The very first thing that involves mind when you consider the sliding mattress frame is might be that it’s going to depart marks in your floor. Unfortunately, that’s right. If your mattress continues on moving, you may say see you later to your impeccable ground finish.

Scratches and gouges will make your floor appear ancient and worn out. Even the best hardwood ground polish won’t be able to cover them. That will call for expensive, time-consuming repairs and replacements that may have effortlessly been avoided.

What most folks don’t remember is that wobbly beds are also detrimental for the elderly. Whilst they’re getting up, they need a steady mattress to hold on to. Otherwise, they chance wasting their balance, slipping, and falling down. They may damage themselves or maybe smash a hip within the process.

If you have small children, I’m certain they simply love jumping on and bouncing off the bed. But the frame that moves around on your smooth floor is dicy for them, too. The mattress may slide too a long way and trigger your kids to fall on the floor and injure themselves.

And finally, let’s be sincere here — how stressful is it whilst your mattress is sliding in the course of your nocturnal activities? Naturally, you’ll want to get that hindrance out of the style once possible.

For all these reasons and many extra which are beyond the scope of this article, the difficulty must be dealt with. That’s why I set out to uncover the finest how to discontinue the mattress from sliding on the floor.

What Can You Do to Discontinue Your Mattress From Sliding?

Here are ten recommendations I found for this vexing difficulty that work and nonetheless hold you on budget. Yet what I admire the most is which you don’t ought to sacrifice your style to get results.

1. Move Your Mattress to the Corner

The first answer is to go your mattress to the nook of the room. Rearranging your bed room design will breathe new lifestyles into it with out you having to spend a dime. It may even get your resourceful juices flowing to add added changes. Youngsters your mattress will nonetheless be capable of move on the last two sides, which will in basic terms be a problem if your body is particularly lightweight.

Granted, when you’ve got some unusual corners on your room, moving the bed is probably not possible. However, in case you do flow it, keep in mind that if two people sleep at the bed, they would have to climb onto it from an identical facet or the bottom, which isn’t your best option for people beyond a definite age.

Also, if you have children and that they bounce on the bed forcibly, they may slam it against the partitions and chip them. So make sure to think about all those motives earlier than you ship your mattress to the corner.

2. Placed a Carpet Under the Bed

Naked, polished flooring might be on fashion on the moment, yet having a good looking rug shouldn’t be out of style. Plus, putting a carpet lower than your mattress will deliver it whatever to grip on and forestall sliding, particularly if the rug is a thick pile or a shaggy one.

Besides, including a carpet that matches your room might help tie all its materials together and entirely transform the space. To retain your room seeking chic, go for a rug that has an attractive pattern.

Also, keep in mind that it should be big enough. The whole bed should fit on it, and there should be about 20 inches on the sides of the bed as well. I latterly wrote an editorial at the standard carpet width, so make sure to try it out if you would like assist with that.

3. Get Rubber Grippers

You can always test putting rubber grippers less than the legs. You could make them yourself when you have some spare rubber lying around, or you can purchase them. Either way, you’ll repair the issue devoid of breaking the bank.

For the DIY version, you would like some ancient bicycle tire or different leftover rubber. Even spare bike pedal covers could do. If you don’t have any of that, you could easily get a bit of rubber at any nearby domestic supply store. Then, all you need to do is cut it to check the size and form of the legs of your mattress and glue the grippers on them.

4. Purchase Rubber Feet

Another well solution is placing rubber bumper feet on the bed’s legs. They are made of thicker rubber then the grippers. When the latter look like a flat piece of rubber, the former are generally in the shape of a cup or a cone. They also have adhesive or a screw attached to them so that you can firmly safe the product to the mattress frame legs.

5. Fasten the Bed to the Wall

You might attach your mattress to the wall by means of mounting the headboard on it. This solution is great for child-proofing. However it will not be your best option if you like to change up your home decor often times and circulate your fixtures around. You risk chipping your wall once you unscrew the headboard from it. Also, you wish to fill in the holes later on to make the wall pleasant and tender again.

6. Use Velcro Pads

Velcro pads are reasonable and effective. Velcro padding is thinner than most rubber grippers and will be completely unnoticeable under your bed. The simply downside is you would need to glue it to the floor, and the chances are you won’t be capable of remove the adhesive afterward. So this feature is finest for beds which you don’t plan on relocating any time soon.

7. Get Bed Stoppers

Bed stoppers are made up of thick rubber and will ensure that your mattress doesn’t budge an inch. You won’t have to fret about how your room appears as they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They’re generally either clear, beige, tan, brown, or black, yet you will come throughout different colors, too.

Typically, they come in round and rectangular shapes and might pass from one to four inches in size. Some bed stoppers additionally work on legs with wheels, so you won’t have to remove those beforehand.

8. Change the Legs

Another extraordinary choice is to modify the existing bed legs for rubberized ones. There are so many mattress leg recommendations to choose from, and they are usually made to fit a range of bed frames.

Go for the decorative type to make your room even more sophisticated. There also are some beautiful hand-engraved ones on the market. However, remember that this is in basic terms possible if the legs on your mattress are detachable.

9. Get Bed Risers

I love bed risers due to the fact they act like stilettos on your bed! They will raise it to provide you with more space for storing below and likewise discontinue it from sliding.

Although you could go for the conventional black ones, there are a number of other innovations on the market. You absolutely won’t must compromise style for function. Choose those that event your home decor color palette or ones produced from an analogous material as your bed frame. Wooden, plastic, PVC, rubber, you call it — you could find it.

They could be square, oval, pyramid-shaped, or perhaps carved in a plethora of shapes that give further visible appeal. You could additionally select the height — they pass wherever from six inches to two toes in height. That means that you can add as a lot under-bed cupboard space as you need.

10. Bed Leg Protectors

If mattress risers are the stilettos on your bed, then you could say these bed feet protectors are the socks!

You can use them on your mattress legs but additionally your espresso table and armchairs. In fact, they can paintings for any piece of furnishings that slides on your floors. They are usually woven yet have rubberized grips at the backside in order that they don’t slip. You may additionally remove them comfortably and wash them usually to cut back dust buildup and retain your home clean.

The Bottom Line

All in all, in case you follow my tips, you should have no predicament discovering a proper way to stop your mattress from sliding on your glossy floors. In case you like the ideas I came up with, be sure to share the object with your pals who’re having an analogous problem. Also, allow me find out about any other tricks which may stop the mattress from sliding. I would love to listen to about them!