How To Stop A Couch From Sliding 10 Affordable Amp Non Invasive Ways

Slick floors might be extremely beautiful. However, it can also cause your furniture to slide every time you sit down. Even more so when you’ve got hardwood, laminate, or vinyl floors in your home.

If you’re no stranger to couch-sliding, this text is just the thing for you!

Why You Must Stop Your Sofa From Sliding

There are, in fact, quite a few explanation why you ought to immediately deal with a sliding couch.

First of all, if you’ve always dreamed of possessing a house with perfect hardwood/laminate floors, then scuffing is maybe your worst nightmare. Ultimately, your floor won’t get damaged overnight, yet with the fixed slipping and sliding, your sofa will completely spoil your attractive floor.

Another quandary is if your sofa maintains sliding each time you sit on it, it just isn’t per your other furniture. Ultimately, which could cause the entire room to appear slightly off.

While this will not be that visible to a couple people, if you’re the one who has to continuously push the couch again into place, this quandary is sure to force you loopy at some point!

However, not in simple terms is a sliding sofa annoying, but it is additionally fairly dangerous. For example, these of you with little ones have possibly witnessed them jumping onto the couch more times than you can count, inflicting you to have a mini heart attack!

And let’s not overlook how dangerous a sliding couch might be for elderly people! You wouldn’t believe how simple it’s to interrupt a hip while you’re over 60.

Easy Recommendations to Stop Your Couch From Sliding

Even if you’re on a tight budget, there are quite a few outstanding the way to preserve your sofa and the other fixtures from sliding around:

1. Buy Rubber Pads for Sofa Legs

If you’re looking for an affordable solution, furniture pads are the foremost in your price range option. They are available in all shapes and sizes, so you could install them on any kind of couch. However, earlier than you opt to buy them, ensure you measure the legs of your couch, or rather, the bottom part of the legs.

Rubber pads also are easy to locate as they are available at sincerely every domestic development store, and of course, online.

Tip: If you plan on purchasing them on the store, think about tracing the description of the bottom portion of the sofa legs onto a chunk of cardboard for reference.

2. Get Furniture Grips

If rubber pads aren’t your cup of tea, consider buying furniture grips. They’re virtually unnoticeable, and they come in different styles, sizes, and even textures. That capacity you can customize them to fit the look of your furniture.

Additionally, choosing the proper texture will make sure that your couch stays positioned in any respect times, no matter what kind of flooring it’s placed on. But, extra importantly, you don’t have to stress approximately these pesky scuff marks any more.

In fact, in case you can’t look to find the correct grippers at your regional domestic development store, you’ll uncover that some firms make customized furniture grips specifically made for your couch.

3. Place Stop Blocks In the back of the Couch

Not everyone seems to be keen on discontinue blocks, often due to the fact they don’t work except your couch is positioned with its back towards a wall. However, if you’re searching for a quick-fix, this selection ought to paintings just fine.

Stop blocks are produced from wood and other strong materials. Basically, you wish to place two or 3 blocks (depending on the size of your couch) between the back of the sofa and the wall.

However, those is probably not ultimate when you have little ones who like to leap onto the couch, as those blocks don’t do a lot to avoid scuff marks.

4. Place a Rug Below Your Couch

Most people have greater than only a couch in their living room. For instance, when you’ve got an armchair, espresso table and couch, the best answer would be to put a rug less than all the furnishings items.

Obviously, you’ll want a big rug to hide all that space, but ultimately, it is going to preserve all your furnishings in place.

What’s even bigger is that a rug will hold any scuff marks from performing on your floor. And, last yet now not least, you can totally improve your lounge with this dependent accessory!

Keep in mind that you ought to seek for a non-slip carpet, as those will make sure that your fixtures doesn’t circulate an inch. Alternately, if you certainly fall in love with a carpet with out this feature, you could purchase a non-slip pad for the bottom.

5. Push Your Sofa to the Corner of the Room

For some persons with large residing rooms, placing a settee right in the middle of the world is a good way to create a room divider. However, this sort of furniture placement is certain to make your sofa slide across the room every time someone sits on it.

Consider putting your sofa in the corner of the room instead. That way it has nowhere to slide, and also you won’t ought to hold readjusting it.

If for some purpose you cannot region it in a corner, at least try pushing the backside of the sofa opposed to a wall and upload a rug underneath.

6. Make Your Own Furniture Socks

Making socks to your furnishings would sound like a ridiculous idea. However, this DIY assignment can grow to be both enjoyable and useful! Also, if you’re on a certainly tight budget, they clearly price $0.00 to make (unless you desire to buy some fancy material, of course).

Note: This DIY project will only paintings on a sofa with the following kinds of legs:

  • Arrow foot legs
  • Cabriole legs
  • Claw and ball foot legs
  • Club foot legs
  • Paw foot legs
  • Saber legs
  • Spade foot legs
  • Splayed legs
  • Tapered block foot legs

Tools and Materials

Here’s what you need:

  • Seam rippers
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • A ingesting glass (7oz)
  • Marker (preferably vanishing marker)
  • An historical towel you don’t mind slicing up
  • A hair tie or some ribbon
  • Lace trim
  • Square-shaped material patch (approximately 12’’ x 12’’)


  1. Place the drinking glass the other way up onto the corner of the fabric patch, and hint across the rim to create a circle.
  2. Cut out the circle, and then additionally bring to a halt the remaining fabric (from the cloth patch) to create a rectangle.
  3. Place the glass onto the towel (not upside down this time), and hint across the rim to create a smaller circle.
  4. Take the remainder part of the fabric and divide it into 4 rectangles. Then, use your marker to make 8 cuts.
  5. Cover the raw edges of the cuts utilizing a needle and thread. Carry the needle up from the opposite side of the fabric, looping it in the course of the gap and then below the looped thread. Do a similar for all 8 cuts.
  6. Place the circle you narrow out of the towel in the middle of the fabric. Then, region the larger material circle on top, and sew it to the fabric rectangle.
  7. Finally, use the hair tie to weave through the slits. Tie a knot and placed the sock onto the couch leg.

For more unique instructions, inspect this video:

7. Make Furnishings Booties

If stitching isn’t your thing, yet you’re good at crocheting, furniture booties also are a well option.

You will need:

  • Yarn of your choice
  • A crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch marker
  • Scissors

For a detailed tutorial on the way to make them, inspect this video:

The in simple terms hassle is that they’re so lovable that when you begin making them, you’ll possibly grow to be crocheting socks for all the fixtures in your home!

8. Make Your Own Stop Blocks

Making your individual stop blocks is an efficient solution if you understand how to manage a saw. All you would like to do is measure the distance among your couch and the wall and reduce out some wooden blocks in keeping with these measurements. Then vicinity the blocks in the measured space.

Tip: If you’re making plans on making your personal discontinue blocks, consider purchasing some rubber material to glue onto the lowest aspect of the blocks. Doing so will preserve your ground freed from scuff marks.

9. Make Your Possess Fixtures Grips

Making your own fixtures grips is highly simple. Also, it may even be a more sensible choice than purchasing them from the shop on the grounds that you could customize them to slot any style of sofa leg. All you would like to buy is a sheet of rubbery, non-slip shelf liner and some silicone adhesive.

In order to measure the lowest of the couch leg, region a chunk of cardboard underneath and hint round it. Reduce out the measured area at the cardboard and use it as a template.

Next, unroll the shelf liner and positioned the card template on appropriate of it. Hint the form onto the shelf liner and repeat this approach for notwithstanding many legs your couch has. Turn your sofa so the legs are pointing towards the ceiling.

Place some silicone adhesive onto the rubber grips and safe them onto the bottom of the couch legs. Be sure to permit the adhesive dry before returning your couch to an upright position.

Note: Unlike dining chairs, a sofa isn’t intended to be moved round each of the time, so adding the silicone adhesive is optional.

10. Additional Tip

Keep in intellect that a dusty floor makes every thing slippery. So, even if you set rubber pads or furnishings grips at the couch legs, it’s certain to slide. Just think about how simple it is to slide on a dusty laminate/hardwood floor while you’re in your socks (and yes, even the ones with these rubbery dots at the bottom).

In order to prevent your couch and different fixtures from sliding you ought to make sure to dust the ground once or more a week. Also, buying the right cleansing tools will help retain your home clear and make maintenance a breeze!


As you can see, it’s completely possible to keep your attractive floors safe from the damaging clutches of your sofa legs!

Thanks to a lot of these exclusive anti-slide solutions, you could breathe simple understanding your floors will stay intact. Yet even more importantly, they are going to also hold your family safe from any couch-related accidents.

Try them out to work out which answer you like the best!