How To Check Mouse Dpi

How to Check Mouse DPI

Mouse DPI refers to the sensitivity of your mouse. It’s important to know your mouse’s DPI to have a better gaming or working experience. In this article, we will guide you on how to check mouse DPI.

Method 1: Check Mouse DPI with Software

One of the easiest ways to check mouse DPI is through the software provided by the manufacturer. Most gaming mice come with software that allows you to customize your mouse settings, including DPI. Follow these steps to check your mouse DPI with software:

  1. Open the software provided by the manufacturer.
  2. Go to the settings or options menu.
  3. Look for the DPI or sensitivity settings.
  4. Your mouse DPI should be displayed there.

Method 2: Check Mouse DPI Without Software

If your mouse doesn’t come with software, you can still check your mouse DPI without it. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your computer’s Control Panel.
  2. Click on Hardware and Sound.
  3. Click on Devices and Printers.
  4. Right-click on your mouse and click on Mouse settings.
  5. Click on the Pointer Options tab.
  6. Find the Motion section and look for the slider that says “Pointer speed”.
  7. Move the slider to the middle.
  8. Click on Apply and then OK.
  9. Open Microsoft Paint or any drawing software.
  10. Move your mouse from left to right across the screen while counting how many inches you moved it.
  11. Divide your screen resolution by the number of inches you moved your mouse.
  12. The result is your mouse DPI.


Q: Why is it important to check mouse DPI?

It’s important to check mouse DPI to have better control and precision while using your mouse. It’s especially important for gamers who need to make quick and accurate movements in-game.

Q: What is the ideal mouse DPI?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question as it varies depending on the user’s preference. Most gamers prefer a DPI of 800 to 1600, while graphic designers may prefer a higher DPI for more precision.

Q: Can I change my mouse DPI?

Yes, you can change your mouse DPI through the software provided by the manufacturer or through the Control Panel on your computer.

Q: What if I don’t know my screen resolution?

You can easily find your screen resolution by right-clicking on your desktop and clicking on Display settings. Your screen resolution should be displayed there.


Knowing your mouse DPI is an important factor in having a better gaming or working experience. By following the methods we’ve provided, you can easily check your mouse DPI and customize it to your liking.