How To Block Number When Texting

Have you ever received a text message from someone you don’t want to hear from? Maybe it’s a spammer or an ex-partner. Whatever the reason, there are times when you need to block a number from texting you. Here’s how to block number when texting in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Find the Contact in Your Phone

The first step to block a number from texting you is to find the contact in your phone. You can do this by opening your phone’s contacts app and searching for the person’s name or phone number. Once you’ve found the contact, click on it to open up their details.

Step 2: Block the Number

Now that you have the contact open, look for the option to block the number. This option may be different depending on the type of phone you have. On an iPhone, you can scroll down to the bottom of the contact details and click “Block this Caller.” On an Android phone, you may need to click “Menu” and then “Block Contact.”


Can I block a number on my flip phone?

Yes, you can block a number on a flip phone. Check the user manual or contact the manufacturer to learn how to do it on your specific model.

Can I unblock a number after I’ve blocked it?

Yes, you can unblock a number if you change your mind. Simply go back to the contact details and look for the option to unblock the number.

Will the person know that I’ve blocked them?

It depends on the phone and carrier. Some phones and carriers may send a message to the blocked number letting them know they’ve been blocked. Others may not.


Blocking a number from texting you can be a useful tool when you need to stop unwanted messages. Follow these simple steps to block a number on your phone. Remember, you have the power to control who can and can’t contact you.