How Long To Wait Between A Primer And Paint For The Best Results

It appears that the
waiting time among primer and paint is anything that specialists simply can’t
agree on. So, if you’re looking for a typical solution on how lengthy to wait
between primer and paint, don’t anticipate finding one. But, don’t panic! I can help you determine out the finest waiting time on your primer.

What Is a Paint Primer?

As you could maybe assume from the name, a paint primer is a product that is going under the 1st coat of paint. It is used for the two indoors and outdoors surfaces, and its main function is to prepare the wall for paint.

A high-quality
primer will make the wall smoother so
that the paint glides at the surface easily. What’s more, this product will
extend the lifetime of the paint and supply additional coverage to the wall.

It all sounds great, yet do you actually need a paint primer? Is spending extra time and cash at the extra product certainly worth it? Well, it is dependent upon your particular situation.

In case your
walls are in well shape and clean,
you don’t have to apply a primer. Equal goes if you’re just refreshing the
existing colour in your walls.

In addition, there are paints which have self-priming abilities, that will cut down the desire for a primer. However, you’ll still desire a primer if your partitions aren’t in the best condition. That way, you’ll ensure that the paint is going on smoothly.

Situations Whilst Paint Primer Is a Must

If you notice
similarities among your wall and the situations I’m approximately to mention, then
the paint primer is a must for you!

The surface isn’t even

In case the wall
that you want to paint is uneven and
, prepping it with a primer is a must. Furthermore, if you’re
planning to paint wood, bricks or even new drywall, you should definitely
consider purchasing a paint primer to even out the surface.

Primers are significant in those situations since the paint can get into the pores and you’ll want much more time for the total process. What’s more, there’s a big opportunity that the paint won’t look well even after you spend hours attempting to make it perfect.

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Changing a gloomy wall colour to a lighter one

Covering a darker
color isn’t the simplest component to do. That is why you’ll desire a primer which will make the process as quick
as possible

A lot of manufacturers make amazing, white primers that will disguise a depressing colour in only one or two layers. If you need assist with identifying which one to choose, I have an editorial about the best primers and paint to hide dark walls that could interest you.

The wall has a glossy base

In case the wall
has a glossy base coat, there’s a big opportunity that the paint won’t persist with it. This is why a primer is a ought to in these

How Long to Wait Between Primer and Paint

The drying time of a primer depends on countless factors. The first one is the level of humidity in the house. In case it’s higher than recommended, your primer will maybe need a bit extra time to dry out. So, you should just remember to have the aircon on earlier than you start with the entire process.

In addition, it’s
always best to read the directions that the primer came with. There are
primers that will dry out in an hour or two, whilst others want as much as 24 hours.
Thus, you ought to check out the
before you apply the primer.

In most cases,
latex primers don’t take more than an
to dry out. However, you should wait three to 4 hours before
applying a layer of paint.

On the other
hand, an oil-based primer will want a longer time to dry out. You ought to give it 24 hours to ensure that it’s
completely prepared for a further coat.

If you have time, I counsel you to necessarily supply a primer at least 12 hours to cure, no matter which type it is. You’ll spend a bit extra time on the complete painting process, yet you’ll make sure that your new wall colour is excellent and long-lasting.