How Long Is A Toilet Paper Roll Incl Examples

Toilet papers are necessary commodities that exceptionally run out very quickly. Within the early stages of the pandemic, some reports showed that panic buying caused severe bathroom paper shortages. Now, how quickly can anyone conclude one lavatory roll?

A lavatory paper sheet is generally 4” lengthy by means of 4” wide. To find the full size of the roll, multiply the sheet size by way of the variety of sheets. So, if you have a 1,000-sheet roll, that would upload as much as 4,000” long. You could usually uncover the exact size and variety at the packaging.

The dimensions of the sheet make contributions to the size of the roll. However, the size has now not necessarily been that way. In the past, sheets were longer and wider. This article is going to discuss the measurements of a few brands of toilet paper rolls.

What Is the Length of My Bathroom Paper Roll?

There is no fashionable answer to how long a roll of loo paper is. Instead, I made a list of standard rest room paper manufacturers in the US (all accessible on and their corresponding lengths below:

Brand Name Sheet Length (L x W) Sheets/Roll Total Length
Scott Essential 4.1 x 4.0 in 550 2,255 in
Cottonelle Professional 3.82 x 4.0 in 170 649.4 in
Charmin Extremely Gentle 3.92 x 3.95 in 286 1,121.12 in
Presto! by way of Amazon 4.0 x 4.0 in 308 1,232 in
Angel Tender with Sparkling Linen Scent 3.8 x 4.0 in 214 813.2 in
Quilted Northern Extremely Soft & Strong 4.0 x 4.0 in 340 1,360 in
White Cloud 3.9 x 4.0 in 300 1,170 in
Seventh New release Recycled 4.0 x 4.0 in 240 960 in
BrillaBoo Natural Bamboo 3.93 x 4.33 in 360 1,414.8 in
Caboo Bamboo Bathtub Tissue 4.0 x 4.0 in 300 1,200 in

If your company of toilet paper is not on the list, you’ll verify the packaging at home. Note, however, that recently, some brands don’t indicate sheet size on their packaging anymore. They do show, however, the number of sheets and plies.

If that’s the case for your product, you will degree the size of every sheet with a ruler. Every sheet ends with a perforated line. When you get the measurement, multiply it with the number of sheets indicated at the packaging.

Why Lavatory Paper Rolls Have Gotten smaller Over Time

If you have noticed your rest room paper rolls shrinking in size, you are not alone. Many lavatory paper manufacturers have reduced the dimensions of their sheets with out changing the price.

The cause is simple. It’s to cut fees and maximize profits. Within the past, sheets came in squares of 4.5 inches by way of 4.5 inches. However, over the years, quite a few manufacturers decreased this size by way of half an inch or perhaps more.

These could appear as if subtle changes, and no longer many clients pay much recognition to these details. But it’s exceptionally traditional in case you observe that you’re consuming tissue paper a little more quickly than before. It’s important to think about importance for money, after all.

The panic purchasing brought on with the aid of the pandemic in early 2020 prompted difficulties to the lavatory paper provide chain. To deal with the drop in sales quite a few months after the hoarding, many businesses have devised ingenious easy methods to reap more profits.

At first glance, you might imagine that your bathroom roll is as thick as before. But in case you seem closely, the diameter of the cardboard tube has gotten bigger. Growing the cardboard length is just differently manufacturing enterprises try to make refined adjustments to their products.

Is a Longer Bathroom Paper Roll Necessarily Better?

No. Now not always. Size isn’t the only factor most folks think about when choosing their lavatory paper. In the market, you’ll discover different types of consumers:

  • Budget-conscious
  • Hygiene-conscious
  • Eco-friendly

Below is a list of factors quite a few varieties of clients think about besides lavatory paper roll length.

Number of Plies or Thickness

Some brands offer extra sheets, yet they arrive in one ply. Take Scott one thousand Tub Tissue on Amazon, for example. It has 1,000 one-ply sheets. If you are feeling pleased with that, then those longer rolls are good for you. Some people, however, prefer thicker sheets.

Thicker sheets don’t break easily. The roll may be shorter, but you wouldn’t want quite a few sheets for unmarried use. Therefore, thicker rolls would last simply so long as the thinner, longer ones.


Most tissue papers are made from 100% virgin pulp, meaning the goods come from natural wooden pulp or cotton. They are gentle and mild for persons with touchy skin. You will often see this information on their packaging.

Recently, however, there was a growing trend of bathroom paper made up of natural bamboo. These items declare to be tree-free and eco-friendly. In addition they declare not to clog lavatories as they crumble extra quickly.

Check out the Betterway Bamboo Rest room Paper from Amazon. The corporate makes rest room paper out of pure bamboo. Its packaging is not only chic but also eco-friendly. It is made of compostable paper.

Scent or Color

There is a gentle call for for scented rest room paper, most often between ladies who don’t mind paying extra money for a more refreshing bathing room experience. Alcohol-based scents, however, could pose a threat to people with sensitive skin.

There is likewise coloured rest room paper for people who are on the innovative side. Look at the Renova Colored Rest room Paper so that you can liven up your bathroom.

Final Thoughts

Toilet paper is an necessary commodity that some persons take for granted. In the US, however, people think about it a necessity. When nutrition and different products run out, you may buy an extra alternative. For lavatory paper, however, there is no alternative.

As a result, many clients have more and more come to be aware of the size in their bathroom paper rolls, and it’s not a foul thing. However, the size should now not be the only concern. Good quality is also crucial.

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