Different Types Of Toilet Seats Shapes Sizes Materials And The Rest

Unless you stay in the woods, your home has a bathroom, and your bathing room has a toilet. I can’t overemphasize how important this little ceramic seat is when it comes to our day-by-day lives. So, you’ll have to make sure you have the finest seat possible when you’re relieving your self (or spending a different hour in your telephone after the evacuation is done).

The question is, how can you select the correct lavatory seat? Is there a change among the shapes? Do they all are available a similar length or not?

In order that will help you solution all of that, I’ve compiled this convenient article on every little thing you wish to understand before buying for a bathroom seat. In addition, I’ll pass over all the substances that are famous on the market nowadays, their reward and disadvantages, and how they could suit your home.

So, devoid of further ado, let’s delve into the realm of bathroom seats.

The Shapes of Toilet Seats

There are tons and numerous kinds of toilets around the world. Them all will require a seat, yet there will be some who don’t even want a lid. Of course, the majority of lidless lavatory seats are found in public restrooms, and with good reason.

Yes, there are some weird lavatory bowls that require some weird seats (honestly, some of them are downright terrifying). However, you may equip a lot of the commercially offered bowls obtainable with a seat that is available in certainly one of these 5 straight forward shapes:

Oval Seats

Oval seats (also called elongated seats) are one of the two most regular innovations that you can uncover in an average American bathroom. As their call suggests, they look like an oval, slightly pointed at the tip. Generally (though no longer always) they measure 18.5 inches from the top to the center of the mounting holes.

Most people prefer oval seats as a result of comfort and space, to not mention that they just look, for the inability of a higher term, elegant. However, their major setback is that they soak up quite a few room. That’s why they might not be most suitable in case your bathing room is somewhat small.

Round Seats

Just like oval seats, this option is rather typical in the US. An average circular seat measures 16.5 inches from the mounting holes to the tip, or rather, the front. Those seats don’t certainly have tips, since they are formed like a circle.

Round lavatory seats are perfect for compact bogs in small apartments. Though, I ought to point out that they don’t provide the same point of comfort as an elongated seat might.

Square Seats

Moving from the US to Europe, we will see that a good number of contemporary houses have toilets with square seats. Each facet of those seats is flat and they all attach at the right angle.

Because of their exclusive shape, these seats are usually found in hotels, restaurants, bars, cinemas, and other public areas. Of course, there are many people who install square bathrooms in their homes, and you could effortlessly buy one yourself. However, as a result of their shape, they don’t allow quite a few room on your genitalia if you’re a male. Moreover, if you’re female, you can assume some accidental ‘upward splashing’ while you urinate.

D-Shaped Seats

A D-shaped seat is an ideal selection that’s somewhere among an elongated and a square seat. It provides all of the consolation you would possibly need while relieving yourself, and it adds a dash of sophistication on your home. And just like square seats, D-shaped ones are used in a number of public areas.

Open Seats

When utilizing the public restroom, you need to have observed that every seat has a awesome U-shape. Those so-called open seats are correctly the go-to wellknown for such a lot public restroom areas. Here’s why:

  • These seats make sure that your nether areas don’t come into contact with any portion of the toilet
  • They enable women to wipe their perineal vicinity devoid of touching the seat
  • They eliminate the touch among male genitalia and the toilet
  • There’s less floor vicinity for urine to contaminate

Should I Get a Lidless Seat?

As stated, you can often discover lidless seats in public restrooms and buildings. And because they’re so effective, ought to you get one?

Well, it all is dependent upon in which you desire to install it. If you need to replace a seat in your own restroom, I suggest going with a lid. However, if you occur to own a business and have to equip the restrooms in your building, lidless is the way to go.

Toilet Seat Materials

When discussing toilet seat material, you must retain some matters in mind. First of all, you’ll need a material that’s durable and that won’t wreck after some months of use. Next, you should think about cleaning; some bathroom cleansing items might trigger harm on your contemporary seat in case you follow them. Lastly, there’s comfort — some fabric definitely feels bigger on your epidermis than others.


Plastic seats look to dominate the market, and that’s no longer totally unexpected. After all, a plastic toilet seat will necessarily cost below all other options, although there are some exceptions to that rule.

Aside from being cost-effective, a plastic seat is also simple to replace, simple to clean, and rather light. However, it’s now not perfect. Urine stains would get more durable to wash as time goes by. In addition, cold climate can cause the plastic to crack, when excessive sunlight can cause the colors to fade.


There’s something classy and unique about having a wooden toilet seat on your home. It perhaps because wood is extra organic and feels less intrusive than plastic, that is cold and manmade. At the other hand, it can be definitely because wooden feels extra comfortable than man made substances when it touches our skin.

Just like plastic, you may get wood seats in various different colorings and designs. Of course, once you get one, it’s essential to take well care of it. Moisture can harm the wooden underneath, and some cleaning items can be particularly harmful to the seat’s surface.

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Polyresin seats are totally amusing. Because of their material, they can are available in a good selection of shapes, colors, and design choices. Imagine having a rest room seat whose cover depicts fishes swimming about! It just looks amazing.

Unlike plastic and wood, polyresin is rather light, but durable on the identical time. The sole real downside is that it can be a bit on the pricy side. Of course, that doesn’t discontinue them from becoming increasingly famous among users, particularly people who desire their bathing room to have a undeniable ‘theme’. For example, if the vacation season is around the corner, you can briefly replace your steady seat with one which has Thanksgiving or Halloween motifs.

Padded Seats

Some persons like to add padded or gel cushions onto their seats for additional comfort and hygiene. You may obviously try this selection for your possess seat, yet there’s certainly little need to. After all, these cushions won’t make your seat any cleanser than it typically is. Furthermore, they tend to wear down quickly, so you’ll be spending some huge cash changing them.

The Colorations and Lighting

The rest room bowls themselves don’t offer loads of colour options. Usually, they might either be completely white, jet black, or usually even taupe. And when there’s not anything incorrect with these colors, some users like a little pizazz in the course of their bathroom hours. With that during mind, let’s hide some of the color and lighting options for lavatory seats.

Colored Seats

When it comes to distinct colors, both plastic and wood offer a good selection of options. Plastic seats can actually be of any color you want, be it chrome green or mauve. In addition, you can in fact print out any motif on the seat or the lid, if you’re the imaginative type. It can be a symbol, an animal, a person, anything.

Wood also is available in numerous colors, however it does have one major virtue over plastic. Because each tree is unique, you can get a seat that has a one-of-a-kind pattern.

Interestingly, you could even move a step further and really combine your toilet seat into the bathroom decor. Take a paint chip off your restroom wall or a swatch of your wallpaper and take it to the printer. You may then ask them to 3D-print your new seat, precisely in the color and design that fits the rest of your bathroom!

Transparent Seats

One cool function that polyresin seats have and others don’t is potential transparency. That’s right, you could buy yourself a completely transparent seat and lid. However, most folk select something specific and creative, which include see-through lids with several elements. It’s a enjoyable way to breathe new existence into your bathroom and to present your visitors a solid communication starter.

Seat Lighting

That’s right, you may in fact purchase a rest room seat that has a nightlight function!

Of course, you perhaps thinking ‘why in the world might I want a rest room seat to shine brightly in the course of the night?’ Well, the answer is rather simple — when you would like to go in the course of the past due hours, you don’t must flick the light switch. Simply comply with the low, colored light and you’ll discover your porcelain throne soon enough.

Lots of these lighted items include a heat-emitting option. So, now not merely will you get a good bathing room nightlight, but it is going to also feel warm upon contact. The sole real setback is that you’ll need to put in a power outlet next on your toilet. And because there’s a good number of water splashing in the bathroom, you’ll also ought to install appropriate moisture protection for the outlet.

Hinge Types

Before purchasing a brand new lavatory seat, you undoubtedly have to pay attention to the type of hinges your bowl supports. A good number of new bathrooms actually come without any hinges, so you must be the single to purchase them. Furthermore, they’ve to slot flawlessly in order for the seat to move up and down without any issues.

Generally speaking, there are two varieties of hinges that most lavatory bowls use. The kinds in question are:

  • Bottom fixing
  • Top fixing

Bottom Fixing

Of the two, bottom fixing is what we might name the ‘traditional fixing style’. Basically, what you do is place two bolts into the pan itself, and then you need to tighten them from underneath (which is why it’s called ‘bottom fixing’). Normally, you will use a wing bolt to do that, in view that they are the most effortlessly accessible bolts to tighten in that position.

In order to figure out what kind of hinge you need, simply suppose the lowest of your bowl along with your fingers. All bottom fixing lavatories can have a spot for a bolt returned there. Apart from that, ensure that the bolt you found can in fact accommodate a pan.

So, what do you do when there’s no area for a bolt in the back of the toilet? Well, you may simply desire a precise solving hinge.

Top Fixing

As its call suggests, appropriate solving is the polar opposite of backside fixing. It in fact works somewhat like a wall plug, which makes it a lot simpler to do than exchanging a bottom fixing seat. All you should do is feed the bolts within the pan, or extra specifically feed them into the plug, and then tighten them from the top. The method is so easy that anyone can do it in a matter of minutes.

Other Minor Bits to Consider

So far, I’ve protected each of the shapes, materials, and color innovations you may uncover at the market. However, there are some other recommendations for toilet seats that you would possibly desire to look into, concepts that might correctly advantage both you and your family greatly.

Soft-Closing Seats

If you’re in a hurry to depart the lavatory and go approximately your day, you can by chance slam the cover or the seat when pulling it down. In addition, your children or other family might develop a foul behavior to always slam the seat down each time leaving the restroom. That can be particularly annoying and fairly distracting, but luckily, there’s a solution.

Soft-closing seats are precisely what their call indicates they are. Instead of slamming them down, you may truly allow them to slowly descend till they attain the bowl, producing surely no noise in the process. When you evaluate them to regular seats, you could see simply how efficient they genuinely are.

For those reasons, and more, property owners world wide are utilizing soft-closing seats. So if you’re searching for a decent replacement, consider this seat variety as an option.

Family Seats

Do you happen to have a toddler or a small child that can’t look to slot on that big toilet of yours? If so, think about getting a proper family seat.

Typical household seats include a different part that’s perfect for any child. The miniature seat can flow effortlessly so that even your little you can still pull it down. And if you need to flip it lower back up, simply secure it onto the magnets on the backside of the lid.

Quick-Releasing Seats

There are instances when you’ll have to clean the seat and the lid thoroughly, and you can’t do this whilst it’s still attached to the bowl. Of course, removing the seat totally will take a while, and so will placing it back. Well, that changed into the case with old-time toilets, at least.

Luckily, most new bathrooms include a quick-release mechanism. Usually, it is composed of a few buttons that you would like to press as a way to get rid of the seat from the bolts that hold it in place. That way you may store yourself some time and trouble AND deliver your seat a thorough cleaning.

Smart Seats

Most people hear the term ‘smart seat’ and immediately think of Japan and their high-tech bathroom elements. But nowadays, these ultra-modern rest room seats might be discovered anywhere.

Normally, one of those products will contain a bidet option, as well as seat heating. Yet some types move a step further and include concepts such as:

  • Spraying a freshener earlier than and after use to take away the smell
  • Blow warm air onto your nether areas to assuage them
  • Raise or lower the seat if necessary
  • Generate white noise or play tune in the background

Of course, the largest setback when it comes to sensible seats is the price. The various cheapest models are at least $600, and the high-end models pass way past that cost range.

Ultra-Thin Seats

Do you want to feature a dash of minimalism for your bathroom? If so, test getting an ultra-thin mannequin on your bowl; the sleek, skinny seem will fit any restroom decor. However, don’t assume any major changes between this seat and a regular-sized one. Apart from how skinny it is, it doesn’t really supply whatever new when it comes to functionality.

Raised Seats

The tall, the disabled, and the aged homeowners have a tendency to have a good number of problem sitting down whilst going to the bathroom. After all, most seats tend to be under 17 inches in height, which may be a bit low for any user.

If you fall under any of the 3 categories above, you might need a raised rest room seat. It offers a few additional inches so you could take a seat with ease when trying to relieve yourself. Moreover, it comes with handles and slip-resistant pads, so you will continue to be firmly seated and secure till you’re done.

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Toilet Seat Types: Final Thoughts

Your bathroom is definitely one of the such a lot significant rooms in your home, so it’s incredibly significant to necessarily have a suitable toilet seat. It doesn’t topic if it’s made from wooden or plastic, if it’s round or square, so long as it’s durable, easy to clean, and simple to interchange once it breaks.

Hopefully, this text has helped you figure out what variety of loo seat your restroom needs. So long as you recognize the measurements of the bowl and the basics of seat cleaning, you could necessarily uncover ideal for the right price.